“As a mortgage broker, my goal is to assemble the best team possible to satisfy my clients' real estate financing needs.

The Escrow Officer is crucial in ensuring a smooth transaction.  They must be able to work with multiple points of contact, work long demanding hours and juggle continual changes in the transaction. I've been in the mortgage business for 20 years and have worked with numerous escrow officers.  Anne Truscott stands head and shoulders above all of them.  Anne has worked with our firm for the past 10 years handling our refinance and purchase escrows.  She has a superior knowledge of the escrow process.  What makes Anne stand apart from the rest is her willingness to get the transaction done at all costs.  Staying late to make sure a sale closes, helping clients understand the escrow process, dealing with difficult lenders and insurance agents, Anne handles it all with ease.  'No' is not in her vocabulary, she will go the extra mile to get the transaction done on time.

Anne is an asset to any team that needs transactions to run smoothly with excellent communication throughout the process. And, she does it all with a smile on her face.”

Richard Wolff, Keystone Financial Services