Melissa Margaretis – Candy Flock

Dear Melissa,

I am writing you this letter to thank you for all the escrows you have handled for me over the many years.  Melissa, you and your staff have been a major reason why my business has done so well over the years.  I know all the details will be handled properly, and professionally when you are handling my escrows.  Your communication with me, whether during business hours, after hours or on weekends, means so much because you always go the extra mile.

You have personally gone to my client’s homes on weekends to get documents signed when necessary.  This has helped the smoothness of the escrow in many cases.  Plus you spend time helping clients understand things when necessary, showing me you really care about my clients and our business together.  Many times you have helped my clients on other matters, just by being helpful to them.  This has meant so much. Whenever a question comes up, you find out the right answer quickly.  When title issues come up, you work with the title companies to understand the problem, and work out solutions that will work for everyone.  Your ability to work with the lenders in this market, has really set you apart from most.  I have had a 100% record in the close of my escrows, and you are a big part of that.

Thank you Melissa.  I know I have not expressed this enough.  To me, you are one of the best Escrow officer's I have worked with over the last 39 years.  


Candy Flock

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