• Life of an Escrow
    Life of an Escrow charts the flow of an Escrow, so you know what to expect each step of the way!

  • Powers of Attorney
    See how Powers of Attorney can play a role in your Escrow.

  • Role of Your Escrow Officer
    Understanding the Role of Your Escrow Officer can help immensely as you go through the Escrow Process.

  • Understanding Closing Costs
    Understanding Closing Costs can be confusing. This piece breaks down what recurring & non-recurring costs occur in Escrow.

  • Who We Are
    Who We Are is a great piece to educate clients on who Pickford Escrow Company is and why we are a leader in the industry.

  • Encryption Information
    Our Encryption Information flyer has all you need to know about why we encrypt sensitive information and how we protect our clients!

  • CFPB
    Learn what the CFPB, or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is and how it may affect your Escrow.

  • About Pickford Escrow Company
    Pickford Escrow Company has been in business since 1991 - see why and learn more about us here!

  • Guideline-Life of an Escrow
    Guideline-Life of an Escrow shows what happens each week in a typical 30 day Escrow.

  • Common Ways to Hold Title
    See the Common Ways to Hold Title with this quick-reference chart!

  • Home Process Overview
    Buyers & Sellers alike can use our Home Buying & Selling Overview to see how the process works on each side.

  • Customary Division of Fees
    See what the Customary Division of Fees are, so you understand what the buyer and seller are responsible for during the Escrow Process.